working together

This is a story about Sales and Marketing. Seismic helps them work together by making sure their collateral is automatically accurate and up-to-date. We used stop motion animation to bring their story to life and give their brand a magical feel. Check out their website to view how the designs and video brought this brand to life: 

nexus 7


Grandma is a one minute visit to the wonderful world of grandparents, as seen through the eyes of a child. Following the tabletop aesthetic of the Nexus 7 campaign, it abstracts the story into a series of carefully curated still life compositions. We designed an intricate set that was then filmed on a robotic arm to move the viewer seamlessly from one room to the next. 

google Project Tango


Project Tango wouldn't be possible without the decades of research from around the world that has gone into computer vision and robotics. We thought it appropriate to highlight some of this great work and show how it has a direct impact on the future of mobile devices with a more human-like sense of space and movement.