I'm an ACD who craves the challenge of creating something new. 


I grew up in LA studying fine art. I was always painting, drawing, and making things. To broaden my skill-set, I decided to study film at the Rhode Island School of Design. After college, I moved to San Francisco and started working in motion and design for interactive artists, production companies, events, and advertising agencies. My background has shaped me into a well rounded Art Director, giving me the knowhow and skills to contribute to a project from inception to completion. 

I’m looking for roles where I can lead a team to create things that would not be possible on my own. I enjoy mentoring, inspiring, and learning from others. My best qualities are that I am very chill under pressure and can be very hands on when needed to help my peers successfully complete a project.




D’Addario, Google, Twitter, AAA Insurance, GoPro, HeForShe, Seismic, Upwork, Kodak, Bank of the West, Audi, Netflix, Riverbed, Youtube, AOL, Platfora, Sobe, Sunrun, Fitbit, Electronic Arts, Charles Schwab, HPE, Playground, Lexus, DKNY, CocaCola.